A Journey Into The Yoniverse


Exclusive one day workshop for women
exploring pleasure, intimacy and deeper connection


10 Places only

Now I’m going to ask you some personal questions, and I know some of these won’t be easy to answer. Courage and honesty is where you need to start if the change you seek in your relationships is going to happen.
The change is possible.

  • Are you feeling awkward, self conscious in your own body
  • Do you have pain or numbness when you are having sex
  • Has sex become a chore in your relationship – nothing in it for you right now
  • Is pleasure missing from your life
  • Are you single and looking to attract your perfect partner
  • Do you feel disconnected to your own body and live in your head

Are you ready to discover the secret to turning this all around?

Come join an intimate group of women and Journey into the Yoniverse!

So what’s this all about?

Well, this is a workshop about vaginas! Yes that’s right, vaginas (although I personally prefer the word “Yoni” which means in Sanskrit, divine passage). This day is all about YOU dear woman…

Most women who have attended before came in…

Feeling at times shut down and disconnect to themselves, their feelings, sensuality, feeling they are more like a man than a woman! Or they feel a general lack of confidence within themselves that shows up in areas of their life. They may have “done” other things and there’s an inner knowing that there is something different for them, but don’t quite know what that is or how to “get there”

and will leave….

Feeling awakened and soooo much lighter, vibrant, more peaceful, happier and confident in their own skin to be themselves….. A remembering of who you are…

yvonne-lumsden-yoniverse“I’ve been sharing this work in mini workshops and on retreats with women for several years now and each time I enter into deep Shakti/feminine space it’s different – that’s what makes it so special. Seeing the awakenings that occur in women when we slow down and approach our bodies with sacredness and curiosity is profound. I wanted to make this work more accessible so this one day workshop was born! A huge thank you to all you dear women out there who’ve journeyed with me in this deep space and for being my inspiration to bring this work through!”

This is what we will cover

Weaving a sweet blend of education, dance and creativity, we’ll spend a day together slowing down to the rhythm of the heart and becoming present to all that is. This is a journey to receiving more pleasure and understanding all that’s holding you back from deeper connection and intimacy in your life.

During this juicy workshop you’ll reconnect with your womb, pleasure, fun, creativity and divine essence. We’ll also explore:

  • activating the body using the alchemical keys of Kundalini Dance
  • the tantric poles within our body – as women we are wired differently to men – discover how this influences love making!
  • the Primal mind, intimacy and fear – the stuff that gets in way of us having more fun and joy in our life!
  • relationship dynamics and core wounding
  • anatomy & physiology of the wonderous yoni
  • feeling deeply connected to your women’s body, in a way perhaps you have never experience before!

At previous journeys into the Yoniverse, women have described their experiences as…

Awakening… Coming Home… Releasing… Healing… Orgasmic… Alive… Remembering… Grateful…

pinkI cannot emphasise the power of this process. – Workshop participant

Thank you. I felt so safe and loved. To be able to be so open. – Workshop participant 

A beautiful workshop. I need to love and accept myself more and this workshop has helped me to do that. – Workshop participant

I learned that we are all the same, all connected, all hurting, all growing. – Workshop participant 


claire-yoniverse-testimonialI have never felt the power before that could come from pure, raw, uncensored, honest self-expression and deep connection to Her…..My Yoniverse – she is so smart, wise, I know now to consult Her first. Thank- you Yvonne for being ALL of you and holding a space for our yoniverses to come face to face to our TRUTH.
Claire Jayne Sawyer, Brisbane

prue-yoniverse-testimonialI feel a new, deep empowerment from a connection I’ve never experienced before. To myself. To women, my sisters. To woman. There’s also a calm that has come with being newly able to step back from what goes on in my head, look at it as a reaction of my inner child and take care of her before taking care of whatever is happening in life. It’s a feeling of being whole and able to take on whatever comes. And oh, the relief at there being no pass/fail. This may mean little to anyone else, but it is revolutionary to me, who has always been driven to pass, to be the good girl. Women have no idea how courageous they are, warriors at heart… – Prue Kearney, Brisbane

Dates and details

Sunday 24th February 2019
10.00 am – 6.30 pm (arrival 9.45am)

Tea, coffee, drinks and snacks are provided. Please bring a plate to share for a lite picnic lunch

Ashtanga Yoga Centre
110-112 Argyle Street
Fitzroy, VIC 3065

journey-into-the-yoniverse-kellieJust to let you know you have had a significant impact on my life with the workshop at the every woman gathering as I mentioned in your card. Your workshop was so supportive and allowing that I was able to reach a new place of self acceptance never reached before. You pushed or should I say encouraged me at the moments when I nearly turned back. You never broke me you awoke me. I have not been the same since that day. I have dropped a lot of the negative beliefs about myself particularly around my yoniverse. Your book is amazing and supports me further. I read it by going to where ever my heart calls for it. I particularly love page 144 which show the likeness to Mother Mary. Also thanks for the reminder that there is not work needed I am perfect just as I am here and now. Love and light  – Kellie, Brisbane

Your investment

EARLY BIRD: ’til 15th Feb –  $297 (full day workshop)

FULL: from 16th Feb – $377 (full day workshop)

*You will also receive a signed complimentary copy of my book  “Heart Of The Flower – the book of Yonis” (usually valued at $60)

Purchase tickets online here!

For enquires please email me here or telephone 0411 310 193.  This is an intimate journey open to only to 10 women.

pinkA Journey into the Yoniverse was Powerful and Empowering. Yvonne created a safe nurturing space for us to explore and connect with ourselves. I felt supported. I felt seen and I felt centred. Connecting with my Yoni, and with other woman, allowed me to tune into the Divine Feminine. It is hard for me to put into words my experience. At the end of the day I felt giddy and like I had been on a long journey. I felt ‘high’ on the experience. And I wonder what a place the world could be if all women went on a journey to Yoniverse… Workshop Participant, Sunshine Coast

pink copy

Highly recommend the Kundalini dancing and the Yoniverse workshops, personally organised and lead by Yvonne. Both courses are a highly energetic experience, teaching and allowing to you to tap into your body’s innate intelligence, to trust and to listen. Yvonne’s gentle and professional level of mentoring ensures you feel guided, nurtured and trusted as she steps your body through release fulfillment and recovery. Thank you Yvonne for these amazing experiences. Truly energetic and life changing experiences that will support and carry me towards my future.Workshop participant, Brisbane

pinkAlthough I was nervous leading up to the day, I had a wonderful experience. Yvonne creates such a safe and inclusive environment that I found access to my deepest truth. – Workshop participant

 I invite you dear woman to come home to you and awaken to your deep feminine essence…

with love,