About OneLove: Medicine For The Soul

yvonne-lumsden-one-loveHello and welcome to OneLove!

My name is Yvonne Lumsden. I’m an author, modern-day medicine Woman, healer, creative soul and wild kundalini dancer. My work is deeply intuitive with a focus on personal awakening, profound communication with the energetic and physical body and a return to the wisdom of an open and vulnerable heart. OneLove Medicine for the Soul is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Looking back at my own journey to health and healing I searched for answers down many paths – there was a hidden undercurrent of fear, low confidence, sadness and feeling like a victim of my life even though all was perfect on the outside – I was coping, smiling & moving forward in my career. 

I kept noticing patterns in my relationships, the same issues & arguments with those close to me were recurring. I was an angry soul who blamed other people for her problems when it was me who needed to change! I’d fall into this trap of trying to please others thinking this would create happiness & love but most of the time it left me feeling empty and resentful. I was not my own best friend.

Through Reiki, Tantra and Dance a new awakening was birthed – I am perfect as I am. I saw the irony of how all my “doing” takes me further away from joyful essence. I’ve found a freedom and trust in life and myself. My relationships are deeper and more real, based on mutual respect and authenticity (rather than me trying to make others happy). My creativity has also flourished and blossomed far beyond what I knew was even inside me! These practices have taught me how to let go of my control freak nature and step into flow, ease and acceptance.

I know this is possible for you too.

Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions as you explore the offerings here. My deepest wish is that the love, peace and harmony within radiates out into your life and every one of your relationships!

I look forward to walking beside you on your healing journey.

With love,

Yvonne xx

About OneLove

OneLove Medicine for the Soul is a home for the heart – a place for you to explore vibrant wellbeing and health, intimate connection with yourself and others and personal awakening on every level. OneLove and the many powerful modalities here will take you beyond the small mind to freedom to be yourself, shine your unique light and experience wholeness. 

Yvonne Lumsden is an Traditional Usui Reiki Master, Kundalini Dance Facilitator, Bodyworker, artist, talented photographer and Tantric Relationship and Sexuality Coach. Her ground-breaking book Heart of the Flower – the book of yonis is an inspirational, provocative and educational journey that celebrates the female body and challenges sexual taboos.

Originally from Scotland, Yvonne has travelled around the world speaking at sexuality conferences, facilitating workshops and retreats, guiding individuals, couples and families to develop a deeper understanding of themselves through tantra and personal healing. With more than 30 years as a General and Mental Health nurse, her approach is grounded in results and practical tools to shift and heal emotional and physical wounding.

Through sessions, classes, workshops and retreats, clients experience massive increases in energy and states of self-love and freedom. In their lives they notice less emotional reactivity, increased confidence, relaxation, more loving communication in their relationships with their children and partners,  open-ness and connection with Source. A direct experience beyond the mind – to come home.

About the Flower Photography on this website

I love flowers. I lose myself in them. I become them when I capture their beauty through the lens of a camera. I see her from all angles… her colours… her intricacy and watch with amazement as she unfolds and reveals her mystery to me.

I bought my first closeup filter in the UK about 10 years ago and was hooked from the start. I could see so much more of the detail, wonder and power of nature! But the real blossoming came when I landed in Australia – I’ve never known such an abundance of colour and I was in heaven!

Little did I know that years later my flower photography would lead on to become part of a full colour publication in Heart of the Flower: the book of Yonis! Every woman photographed in the book followed her intuition to choose her own flower from my photographs – to choose the flower she felt most captured her deepest essence and expressed it perfectly.

Many of the flower images you’ll find here on this site are available for sale printed on canvas. Sizes vary from square 16″ up to 30″ pictures and can be posted Australia wide. Prices range from $90 – $250 with additional postage costs depending on size and location. 

If one of these beauties speaks to you for yourself or as a gift, please contact me here to enquire. I know that by sharing them, you’ll connect more with the spirit in which they were captured and the gift of life we all share.