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I invite you to connect with me on 0411 310 193 for more info and to book a session time. Before booking in, please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions. For sessions, payment is required within 24hrs of booking and will confirm your session. You may pay via direct debit, please see below for my bank details or you are welcome to pay online with PayPal using the links below. (please note all online purchases include the additional Paypal credit card processing fee).

Bank: Commonwealth Bank
Account name: The Y B Lumsden Trust
BSB: 064 127
Account number: 10438796

Come home to your heart…


Aromatherapy Massage
Nurture and Nourish your mind body and soul with an Aromatherapy massage

Reiki Treatments

Relax, Re-energise and Transform on a whole mind body and soul level with a Reiki treatment. For all first timers for Reiki. I recommend committing to three one-hour treatments over a period of 10 days.

Tantra Coaching and Body Work Sessions

***For all enquires regarding Tantra, it’s essential we connect over the phone first. Sessions may only be booked following an initial telephone conversation. Please contact me on 0411 310 193.

Just for You
De-Armour and awaken with Tantra. Includes consultation and post-session notes for additional support.

For You and Your Beloved
De-armour and awaken with Tantra. Includes consultation and post-session notes for additional support.

The journey back home to our heart is through
our vulnerability.


What clients have said

pinkI am so thankful and so very blessed for the time that Yvonne has walked with me on my healing journey. I have a history of childhood sexual abuse and have only recently, in my 30’s, been able to begin to heal the rift between my head, heart and body. To have Yvonne support and guide me through this process has meant more than words can describe. Where on my own I have lacked the courage, with Yvonne I have found an embodiment of Goddess energy that has lent me the strength, love and acceptance needed for me to become whole. While my life still has challenges I am so deeply grateful for who I am and my newly recovered creative expression. Yvonne truly is an amazing woman who works healing wonders with her intuitive blend of psychological, physical and energetic modalities. Thank you Yvonne, for your deep commitment, integrity and expansive love that you offer to all who come to you in need. We are truly blessed to have you. – Deirdre, 34

pink copyYvonne’s warm and gentle nature made it very easy to feel comfortable and to open up in what would otherwise be a challenging healing journey; her work is both unique and extremely effective and I encourage any man who would like to take their sexuality to another level in a very supportive and nurturing environment. – Todd