Kundalini Dance Melbourne


kundalini-dance-classes-melbourneKundalini Dance™ is a form of ecstatic dance and a powerful, shamanic, alchemical transformational tool for self-healing. Using your authentic sound, movement and tantric breath practices you will be guided through your own transformational process into a deeper state of presence.

Reclaim your power
Open your body as love
Purify your emotional body
Awaken higher consciousness
Integrate positive life change


As we twist, turn, tumble and fall on our life’s path, let go and give yourself permission to be free to embrace the true you. Come dance your body’s dance, dance to set yourself free, dance to let go, dance to die, dance to come alive, dance to reconnect, dance to fly, dance your way home to your heart. – Yvonne


The roots of Kundalini

Kundalini Dance™ was created by Leyolah Antara in 1997 and has been taught worldwide ever since. It is a unique form of ecstatic dance that invites participants to explore a shamanic art form in a safe, non-judgmental space.

The life transforming changes which accompany a Kundalini awakening covers the entire physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual spectrum. This is the journey back home to the heart and the body’s wisdom.

Kundalini has remained a secret for so long as it cannot be understood,
it can only be experienced – Carl Jung


Kundalini Dance is usually held over a period of seven classes, where we journey through a different chakra each week.

If you would you like to more about how your chakras are or perhaps what a chakra is?(if you haven’t already, you can download your FREE chakra guide and self assessment here)

Kundalini Dance – 7 Week Transformational Journey

FREE INTRO NIGHT – Thursday 17th January 2019

Come dip your toes in the water of this amazing practise and see if this is for you…

Where: Ashtanga Yoga Centre, 110-112 Argyle Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Arrive: 6.45 to settle in, classes begins at 7.00 to 10.00pm
(Doors close at 7.15pm)

What to wear and bring: Loose, comfy clothes, layers work well, bring something cosy to wrap up in after your dance. Your water bottle an open mind and your beautiful self!

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Thursdays: 24th Jan, 31st Jan, 7th Feb, 14th Feb, 21st Feb, 28th Feb & 7th Mar 2019

Where: Ashtanga Yoga Centre, 110-112 Argyle Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Arrive: 6.45 to settle in, classes begins at 7.00 to 10.00pm
(Doors close at 7.15pm)

What to wear and bring: Loose, comfy clothes, layers work well, bring something cosy to wrap up in after your dance. A cushion, yoga mat or similar, a pen and a journal, your water bottle an open mind and your beautiful self!

Your Investment:

FREE Intro Special: $397 (T&C’s apply)

Early Bird: Available ’til 10th January $447

Full: From 11th January $497

Return Dancers: $347 (if you’ve completed a full Kundalini Dance series with Yvonne or with another facilitator)

Payment plans available (based on full pricing) including $15.00 admin fee

Purchase online tickets here!

Please contact me if you have any questions about the Kundalini Dance 7 week journey.

Come home to a place of peace, love and stillness within...


What Kundalini Dancers have said…


Anita, Brisbane

Wow! I whole-heartedly recommend Kundalini dance with Yvonne. Yvonne creates such a divinely safe space to explore your inner realms through movement and sound, music and dance… It’s a place where authenticity is held sacred. A place to – let go, a place to heal, a place to transform, a place to be yourself – as you are in that moment and to express it. Dance to the beat of your own drum, your own way, I dare you. With much love, I hope to dance with you there. – Anita, 32 years, Psychologist


Sue, Brisbane

Kundalini Dance allows many, many opportunities. I have had a good night out, just dancing and have also had massive shifts in lifetime ways of being. I now dance to live music no longer restrained by how others might perceive me – so liberating! I have discovered insight into resolving lifelong limitations – so joyful! (tho not without some pain along the way) Through this practice I feel better equipped to balance intellectual pursuits in a seemingly impossible timeframe, still connect, plus have the energy to thrive, know and grow. Awesome! Yvonne’s hearty facilitation gently encourages and supports each dancer’s individual journey.

When I connect with her during dance, I feel love … just love … the one love. This extends to the other dancers as well, so that love and intimacy are shared in a dance of divine connection. Words fail to express how it feels to feel – so divine! – Sue, Health Research & Evaluation Consultant


Heather, Melbourne

Kundalini Dance is powerful, transformative work and Yvonne is an accomplished facilitator of safe, sacred spaces. I’ve been dancing the chakras for the past few months and it’s been truly amazing. It just gets better and better and deeper and deeper each time. I’m in awe of what the dance brings up to be healed and released. It’s freeing and fun. I’m a different person from when I started doing Kundalini Dance. I’m calmer, happier, more peaceful, clearer, fitter and more confident. It’s like therapy to good music! Yvonne creates a warm, loving, safe space for men and women in which to move, to release, and to simply be within the dance.

I feel honoured to be present at the inception of a miraculous new healing modality. – Heather, (B.Ed. Hons). Teacher, writer, & Reiki Master

Dina, Brisbane

Dina, Brisbane

I just would like to share how grateful I am to Yvonne that I have such a wonderful opportunity to use such a powerful technique as Kundalini Dance. It has totally changed my life and I feel that I am totally different person than I was even year ago. It is a long list of benefits (self-acceptance, intuition etc), but I would say that the main one for me was that I gained my interest to life back. If you practice some other techniques (as I do), Kundalini dance (besides being a great tool on its own) is an awesome accelerator to any other technique. And the main thing you do not need to do anything, except for showing up to the dance floor, Kundalini will do all the work for you.

As it is like a Turbo Rocket Ship that will take you places you have never dreamed of. – Dina, Brisbane

Lauren, Brisbane

Lauren, Brisbane

Kundalini dance spoke to me before I could even hear it. When I arrived at the first session in 2012, I thought that I could just get through a series and I would be clear…healed…done. I looked around and saw people returning to the practice and didn’t understand. You just did it once, right? But time and wisdom overcame the ego in me that wanted to utilise Kundalini Dance as an experience on my list. I wasn’t done with just doing it once because Kundalini dance isn’t something that you do – it is dancing who you are. Kundalini stirs up the shit because in the cycle of life, we don’t need to clear just once. We need to clear again and again.

When I have reverted back to old ways of being or felt deep confusion and disconnection, I call on Kundalini Dance as my anchor.

When I have noticed that I have been living in the shadows and without intuition, I dance with them on the dance floor.

When my head is constantly taking charge and my solar plexus is in a fear state, I shake it out on the dance floor.

When my sexuality is timid and my voice full of judgment, I project it out on to the dance floor.

In the safety of the container that Yvonne provides, I feel completely free and relish dancing with abandon. Because it is in this practice…my practice, that I truly feel alive.Lauren, Brisbane

Mel, Brisbane

Mel, Brisbane

I have been dancing with Yvonne for 3 years now and there have been so many changes in myself and in my life since I started. At first, it was just about giving myself some ‘me time’ away from the demands of being a mum to 3 young children. The first time I attended, I had no knowledge of what it was all about, I just went along and danced. When I walked out after that class, I felt such exhilaration! I didn’t really know why I was feeling that way, all I knew is that I wanted more. Each week I kept on going back and realized that there was much more to this dance then just dancing. I began to notice that I was becoming more confident in myself, more self-aware, more in tune with my feelings and intuition.

My life started to take on a new direction as I became aware of which path I was next to go down. This path was one that took me to India to study and train in Watsu as an Aquatic Bodywork therapist. I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would go to India ever and here I was, going without a blink of an eye as my first trip out of Australia!

I keep on dancing and each week I feel the layers that I don’t need to hold onto anymore fall away. I usually feel so much clearer and lighter after I have had a ‘good ol’ dance’ as Yvonne would say.

The Dance for me, is a spiritual practice. It is place where I can come home to myself, to listen to the stirrings of my soul. When I dance, using the tantric breathwork and sounding and allow my body to be danced, I have learnt that the bodys own wisdom will heal itself.

Yvonne creates such a warm, welcoming, safe sacred space where I feel free to Let go, however, that may be. Each and every week is a different healing experience for me.

I would say tho, that the most profound overall experience I am having from dancing is that I feel that I am now starting to let down the barriers I had erected around my heart and for that I cannot thank Yvonne and the Dance enough.Mel, Brisbane (Kundalini Dance Addict)


Stacey, S, Coast

I’m feeling amazing re-entered the world and my family and my marriage with a gorgeous peaceful spunk that is channeling through me. I have tapped into my amazing essence and feel my kundalini energy energizing my heart and soul. It was a beautiful heart space that we shared and a real connecting energy we shared VERY SPECIAL…. THANK YOU!!!! From the centre of my heart and the depth of my yoni for what you have awakened in me (and so does Gav my hubby) You truly have changed my life and brought beautiful sweet loving to me and my hubby. THANK YOU SISTER… Till we dance again together. Love and Healing – Stacey, Sunshine Coast