Reiki Healing Treatments in Melbourne

Reiki Healing Symbol


Rei = Universal & Ki = Life force energy

The word “reiki” is comprised of two Japanese words: “rei”: Universal
“ki”: life force energy

Come sit, lie down, relax and let Reiki help you. Whether your reason for seeking Reiki is physical or emotional, it can help on all levels … mind, body and spiritual. Some people may think they need to be unwell or have ‘something wrong’ that needs fixing before having Reiki. This may be the case but not necessarily as Reiki healing is a great way to maintain our bodies’ natural harmony.

Reiki was re-discovered in  Japan by Dr Mikao Usui as a healing technique that assists with stress reduction and promotes relaxation.

With the ‘laying on of hands’, an invisible life force energy is drawn through the body that helps us feel more alive, balanced and well. When our life force energy is low, then we are more prone to illness and stress-related conditions. But when our energies are in harmony we are capable of greater health and happiness.

As a Reiki practitioner for more than nineteen years, I have seen countless examples where Reiki has brought about healing and transformation of the mind, body & spirit.

You don’t have to be a ‘believer’ for Reiki to work for you

Traditionally an oriental healing technique, more and more westerners are recognising and embracing the undeniable benefits of Reiki. A natural form of healing, it is non-invasive, painless and suitable for anyone.

Whilst Reiki is spiritual in nature, it should not be mistaken for a religion. You don’t have to subscribe to any beliefs other than those you already hold close.

What to expect during a Reiki healing treatment

You’ll experience Reiki’s healing energy in a one-hour session in my safe and comfortable treatment room. At all times, you’ll remain fully clothed. You may sit or lie on my massage table as I gently place my hands in various positions on or above your head, shoulders, back, stomach, torso and feet. Depending on your specific condition, I may use other positions as well.

Different people experience different sensations during their Reiki healing treatment. Some report warmth or a gentle tingling. You may also find that your stomach gurgles and even that your body ‘jumps’ during the treatment. You may find yourself having an emotional release.  All of these are perfectly normal responses to Reiki.

A Reiki treatment can create a radiance that you’ll find deeply relaxing, even to the point of falling asleep. Sometimes people feel the need to talk after a Reiki healing treatment. Talking sessions may be arranged in addition to Reiki and can be helpful in gaining further clarity and healing.

Reiki and the Mind Body Healing System

Reiki heals on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Consider this; if you have aching shoulders or muscle spasms causing your shoulders to tense up and be painful, then perhaps you are carrying a great emotional weight on your shoulders.

In the case of anxiety, a client might not know that the cause of his or her physical symptoms is anxiety. A relationship breakup, job stress, arguments and even road rage can cause many different types of aches and pains, stomach. Metaphysically, we can literally think ourselves sick. We can cause our own ailments that might manifest as certain symptoms that might make us feel that it’s something else.

Once we can see things from a different perspective, we can start changing and healing, by changing our thoughts and behaviours. We change what we attract into our lives. Reiki can reconcile the emotional and the physical and alleviate one for the good of the other.

For whom is Reiki recommended?

When you are ready, Reiki is there and available with grace. Anyone can benefit, whether they are well and feeling great or if they feel like they could use some healing or even a bit of a lift. It can do no harm and it can work with other modalities. My clients often come to me for a combination of Reiki, massage, talking sessions and body work. All of these ingredients make up a kind of ‘chicken soup for the soul’.

Are there any side effects from Reiki Healing?

Reiki cannot hurt anyone or affect them in a negative way. Most times after a Reiki healing treatment you will leave with a deep sense of relaxation. However, Reiki also detoxifies your body so sometimes you may experience a shift in energy after a treatment in the form of being more relaxed, revitalised or a little bit vulnerable for a day or so. But this is all ok; it’s your body healing itself.

What can Reiki help with?

Whatever your body needs.

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What Clients Have Said…


I came to see Yvonne after a gruelling three and a half year journey trying to conceive had left me emotionally drained. In addition to Reiki treatments, Yvonne shared words of wisdom and techniques which allowed me to release my feelings using her counselling experience. After each Reiki session I left feeling a deep sense of peace. I hadn’t realised how much emotion I had locked up in my body. I couldn’t believe it when a few weeks later, I discovered I was pregnant. I can’t thank Yvonne enough for helping me to deal with my grief and sharing her precious gift of Reiki. Now my husband and I are very much looking forward to the arrival of our first baby in August! – Lindsay