Tantric, Relationship & Sexuality Coaching

I offer coaching sessions and experiential body-oriented processes to support you on your journey back home to yourself, your heart and others. Creating deep life changes and vibrational transformation beyond cognitive thinking.

Tantric Relationship and Sexuality coaching sessions follow your flow and may consist of:

  • Transformational Coaching Sessions (see below for more info)
  • Experiential Bodywork Read more here…

Whatever the cause of your self-doubt, fear, anger, disconnection or trauma, whether through shame or guilt, parental or religious teaching, abuse or rape, or any number of messages we have taken on through our society, my Relationship and Sexuality Coaching can help you heal and transform.

***Please note that for all enquires regarding Tantra, it’s essential we connect over the phone first. Sessions may only be booked following an initial telephone conversation. Contact me on 0411 310 193.

The first relationship we have is with ourselves.


Transformational Coaching Sessions

Through coaching sessions you will gain clarity and understanding of your unconscious patterns and behaviours in how you relate to yourself and others. You will learn how to come home to your heart and body to feel your feelings and learn how to express them, integrating your mind, body and soul. It is essential that we come home to our bodies to FEEL if we are to heal and transform.

For example:

  • Do you feel or have you felt: disconnected, shut down, unhappy, sad, lonely, isolated, anxious, angry, scared or unheard?
  • Are you are questioning things and life at the moment, a feeling that something isn’t quite right?
  • Are you longing for a meaningful relationship?
  • Are you finding yourself repeating the same old arguments?
  • Is it painful, numb or unsatisfying when you have sex or have you never had an orgasm?
  • Would you like more loving communication in your life?

Coming to me for coaching sessions will help shine the light on the above and more – your own personal light bulb moments!

For those interested in traveling down the path of bodywork for further healing and transformation. I also offer Experiential Bodywork. *Please note before I offer any bodywork we will have a minimum of  two coaching sessions this helps create a safe foundation, I find people receive more from the body work this way. So often push ourselves into situations that we are not ready for.

Click here for session prices and booking details.

Nowadays we have become accustomed to living in our heads and we are detached from our hearts, our bodies and each other. We have forgotten the simplicity of life and how to just ‘be’. We distract ourselves from really feeling our feelings by being constantly busy and ‘doing’. Sound familiar? Would you like to instead:

  • Feel more relaxed and confident in your own skin?
  • Create more loving, intimate relationships and friendships?
  • Be fitter, healthier and have more fun, joy and love in your life?
  • Open to your life’s purpose and creativity, and your deepest heart’s desires?
  • Heal old wounds and past hurts that you have carried in your body, preventing you from experiencing deeper connections, intimacy and sexual pleasure.

I work with individuals, couples and groups to guide and empower you to make these changes in your life. Learn how to be in the ‘here and now’, slow things down, and feel and act responsibly.

Bliss is only possible when you live intensely through the body – Osho