Tantric Bodywork

***For all enquires regarding Tantra, it’s essential we connect over the phone first. Sessions may only be booked following an initial telephone conversation. Please contact me on 07 3191 8456.

Emotional Release with Body De-Armouring

tantric-bodywork-3I believe our bodies’ can hold old hurts, unhelpful emotions and experiences and that we can clear these through body de-armouring, leading us to a healthier, fuller life. Imagine we come into life as a ball of pure light and through our not-so-good life experiences, we slowly accumulate black or grey spots on our ball of light. These spots become armour and can prevent us from fully experiencing the love and joy of life. We become protected and fearful of life, relationships and its experiences.

De-armouring is about removing those dark spots held in our bodies and dampening our light. These areas may show up in your body as pain or numbness, disease or ill health, recurring injuries, etc. By applying pressure or at times the gentle laying on of hands to particular areas of our body, combined with the conscious use of our breath, sound and movement, we can FEEL and in feeling we clear and heal those areas of stagnation and pain in our body. In clearing unconscious emotions transformation occurs.  Through a deep state of presence, relaxation and surrender, these sessions support your body to release and open to love, to receive greater life-force and sexual energy, coming home to our natural state of bliss!

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Sacred Genital Massage – Yoni & Lingam Healing

tantric-bodywork-1In ancient Sanskrit terms – the name for Vagina is Yoni – loosely translated means “Divine or Sacred Passage” and the Penis is called Lingam – again loosely translated means “Wand of Light”. I personally prefer the Sanskrit names and their meanings.  So just like any other part of our body, our genitals can hold both physical and psychological pain and tension through past hurts or trauma – consciously or unconsciously.

 All these experiences can have a deep inpact on our sexual/sensual self. Yoni and Lingam healing is an invitation to connect deeply with your genitals. To FEEL, not just on the physical level but more importantly to travel into the emotional and feeling realm of you’re being to release, heal and transform those past experiences enabling you to receive greater pleasure. It calls upon ancient Tantric healing practices, a modern understanding of the mind/body system, and being present to the experience.  Some of the benefits of de-armouring and Yoni/Lingam healing can be:

  • Prolong orgasmic pleasure
  • Improve premature ejaculation or erection problems
  • Eliminate pain or numbness during sex
  • Feeling more relaxed and open with your body
  • Coming to a place of peace within your self
  • Re-claiming of sexual innocence
  • Healing of transgenerational patterns and trauma
  • Womb healing after having a miscarriage or a termination
  • Healing trauma from circumcision

The essence of tantric, relationship and sexuality coaching is learning how to be in the ‘here and now’ and how to slow things down, where sex can become more than just a physical experience. By becoming more intimate and connected to your own sexual energy you can be fully present to another’s.

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