What is Tantra?

For me Tantra is a practice about being present and conscious in each moment – ‘in the here and now’ – and connected to our feelings. Whether that is eating food, going for a walk, having a conversation or making love. Tantra is not all about sex, which I think is a very common misunderstanding.

I am keen to demystify Tantra and to bring this amazing healing modality into the mainstream world, to normalise it and make it accessible to everyone. I work with men, women, individuals and couples.

Tantra is the transformation of sex into love
through the awareness. 
– Osho


The benefits of Tantra

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means ‘woven together’ – weaving together the physical and the spiritual, weaving man to woman, and humanity to the divine. Put simply, the essence of Tantra is about slowing things down, where sex becomes more than just a physical experience. By becoming more intimate and connected to our own sexual energy we can be fully present to another’s. The art of sex then becomes a deeply spiritual experience – imagine being able to let go, surrender and dissolve into a sea of BLISS. This deeper connection to self can expand and ripple out into the rest of your life! *Please note you do not need to be in a relationship to explore or experience the benifits of Tantra. 

  • Healing and transformation of past trauma i.e sexual abuse, termination of pregnancy, miscarriage
  • Healing of transgenerational patterns and trauma
  • Opens you up to receive more energy into the whole of your body
  • Opens you to receive more intimate and sexual pleasure
  • To be fitter, healthier and more relaxed
  • To have more loving and intimate friendships and relationships
  • Opening to your life’s purpose
  • Opens you to your innate creativity
  • To have more fun, joy and love in your life
  • To re-connect with you and to be your natural self!

***For all enquires regarding Tantra, it’s essential we connect over the phone first. Sessions may only be booked following an initial telephone conversation. Please contact me on 07 3191 8456.

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Information for Men

Why it is a gift to receive Tantric healing at the hands of a woman?

As a society we train our boys and men to bury their feelings and close themselves down to intimacy by telling them to “man up” or by saying “big boys don’t cry”.

As a result, so many men lose themselves to ‘doing’ and shut down for fear of being rejected and humiliated.  Some may hide or numb their feelings through addictive behaviors, whether that involves alcohol, eating, gambling or excessive use of pornography or games.

Many men have been hurt by a woman – their mother, a lover, friend or figure of authority.  It is through these experiences that our reality is created and this informs our relationships throughout the rest of our lives.  For example, a man who has been hurt or rejected by his mother may have a strong desire to connect deeply with a woman but find himself withdrawing when the relationship becomes too intimate. Or he may perhaps choose to connect with a woman who withdraws her love and affection from him.

Some of these wounds can only be healed at the hands of a woman and the polarity of masculine and feminine energy is a powerful conduit for transformation.

As the essence of the divine feminine, I can stand by your side as a witness – offering you unconditional love, an open heart, a down-to-earth energy and, at times, a playful sense of humour.

The journey of a man is to come home to his heart…